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Suffering, attachments & freedom

Attachments, the root of ALL suffering!

Tonight Lydie and i went to see the Tibetan Monks perform their Mystical Mandala in (of all places) Johnson City, TN.  If you aren’t familiar with the process, then let me ‘enlighten’ you “real quick like.”  The monks began with an intention of peace and the end of suffering for all beings. They do so by praying/chanting while creating an incredible ‘work of art’, with colored sand.

They will stay focused for 7-8 hours at time, everyday for a week or more creating this visual masterpiece. The intricacy is impeccable. Art collectors around the world would pay top dollar for their finished masterpiece.
My first time witnessing this experience, many moons ago, is still engraved on my mind. Mainly from the lesson i learned about attachment. When the monks finished their creation they stopped, acknowleged each other, the mandala, and most importantly their intention, AND then…………

They swept all of the sand into a pile and collected it to be poured into the water for the blessings to be spread world wide.  SWEPT into a pile !!!!!

Here i am only a witness (did not do a single thing to create this) and I’m wanting to stop them from ‘ruining’ this work of art.
OH, did that hit me like a ton of bricks. Attachment !!! In this case, attachment to something that wasn’t even ‘mine’. WOW, what a gift.
‘Attachment the root of ALL suffering’.

Are there things YOU are attached to that are causing YOU to suffer?
People, events, circumstances? Things that aren’t even yours?


What a gift


Tonight was a gift in so many ways as i have been blessed to experience the Mandala creation numerous times since that first ‘shocker’. It was only a few years ago that Lydie and i were blessed to go to Tibet and serve the beautiful people of this culture of ‘Shambhala‘.lou adj monks apo tibetWe were gifted with meeting a high Lama who took us into is ‘home’ (a giant monastery). He then entrusted us with a rare hike up the mountain to enter the cave where he was cloistered in meditation for 3 years straight. The same cave where the first Sutra was written.
(that story is for another newsletter).


It has been said that “the end of suffering is said to be attained by leading a balanced life. And to lead a balanced life, one needs to follow the  ‘gradual path of self-improvement’.”
All of these experiences have lead to a reminder that life is always in ‘flux’ -a state of flow – CHANGE !
Heraclitus said, “The only constant is change”
Einstein was quote as saying “the only constant in the universe is change”.
Are you having challenges with change?
Is life asking you to change something but you are resisting?
“Pain is inevitable but suffering is an option”
Would you like a simple 4 step process to move you thru change?

Clicking this link
will open a video where we’ll share this 4 step process with you and even more ways that you can implement to change your life. 

The offerings in the video will help you create an end to suffering and engage you in the ‘path of self-improvement’
Join us as we Re-Invent ourselves. YOU too can RE-Invent YourSelf.
Louis Corleto

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