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A sanctuary for personal transformation

A sanctuary for personal transformation


Remembrance is my word for describing my recent trip to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Ocean and my dance with the spotted and bottlenose wild dolphins.
As my soul received the invitation from the liquid womb of Mother Earth, the melodic voice of Yemanja- the ocean goddess- and the call from Home, I started tuning-in with that amazing concoction of feelings, awareness and connection with life’s amazing mirror called Ocean.
A multitude of moments; life-death, of happenings; colors-shapes, of depth; light-darkness, of contentment; sounds-silence, of expression; calm-fury, of creation; open-mysterious; of vast and pure presence.
With each breath the reminder of being alive, with each observance the refreshing sensations of being in full connection with life and all that it has to offer.
The simple joys of being a participant in the school of sergeant fishes, being a interested observer of the barracuda’s infused presence, adorning self with the ‘flying by’ seaweed flowers, being nurtured by the sensual touch of the gentle waves in mid seas and seeing self in the eyes of a wild dolphins in the midst of a full soul dance.
Ahhh!, the inner sounds of gratitude is playing in my heart together with the understanding of the gifts of being completely into the moment, in the fullness of presence, in Beauty! (lo)

ly dolphin 14

lou dolphin 14

‘Crystal waters
Sweet water ~ Light
Playfulness into Creation
Love into happiness
Be – Completely
An open shell
A drop ~ Light’

May we walk (and swim) in Beauty.
In Light
Lydie & Lou


Louis Corleto

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