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A sanctuary for personal transformation

A sanctuary for personal transformation

Rave Reviews

Wow, where to begin! What an exceptionally enlightening experience. In all my years of trying to get clear, going to therapy, none other was as profound as your guidance in this weeks journey!  I have experienced such a dramatic shift, I know in my heart I will  never be the same. The week has unlocked my soul and I now am engaged in a beautiful sense of awakening. I have learned such valuble tools from you to honor myself and those around me. And the biggest triumph is my illusion of fear has lifted. I simply am not afraid to engage in my souls “life purpose” and the dance that is laid before me shines in true light.

Thank you so much for your love and desire to share this amazing gift you have developed and grown with.I felt completely  connected and safe as we journeyed  through the lessons. I had complete trust in your intentions and knew you had come from a place of love. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. It truly was an honor.

I will share this experience with those I know ( gently!)

Gloria S. -USA

“What a joy to be in the presence of, and learn from, Lou Corleto. The depth of his knowledge and his ability to share that knowledge with clarity and simplicity is inspiring. The environment of his teaching is always a sacred space, allowing me to feel safe even when vulnerable. There is no question he teaches from the heart and the beauty of his essence is ever present. What a beautiful, gifted man.”

Valerie S. Pennacchio, D.C.
Vice Principal, McTimoney College of Chiropractic  UK


“I know that he looks human but I assure you that Lou is an angel walking among us that shares TIC and his life with an open heart that is bigger that the size of his chest. He gives himself fully without asking anything in return. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us. ”

Hernan Novarini, Spain

In my 15 years I have been working on improving my life, I have never had a transformational experience like the one that I experienced in the Sacred Space created by Lou and Lydie. Challenging yet the Loving environment allows you to explore and tap into your core emotions in a safe environment. The results are astonishing. A must attend retreat if you truly desire change in your life.

~ Ciaran E. Cullen, NY , NY

I was able to reflect on my top 10 transformational moments in my life. My top 3 already had a place when Lou was at the ‘wheel’. Now I can add another with Lou and Lydie at the sail. The Human-dolphin connection experience and the wisdom and peace that came with it is one that I will take with me through eternity.

~ Wade Port, Idaho


I am so grateful to have participated in Lou & Lydie’s program. It absolutely exceeded my concept of a healing retreat. The community of participants, the facilitators, the staff and the dolphins merge into a dance of beauty, connection, transformation that I am so grateful to have said “Yes” to. If you are reading this, consider it an invitation to play & grow in a way that is beyond the beyond.

~ Brian T. Lumb, staff member NSA

Olly from the UK shares this about his experience:


Stine K. from Denmark shares this from her Heart:

Hey Lou & Lydie

I was reviewing the year and all of the things that I am grateful for and immediately I thought of the both of you. Bimini was the highlight of 2012. To feel the unconditional love from the dolphins was something I will never forget. The feeling of total freedom in the water, the feeling of belonging to the ocean, the feeling of having returned to home, beautiful.

Furthermore, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me safely through the journey that you started on Bimini. I am still on that journey and I guess I will be as long as I live, but you helped me a great deal and I often think about the four agreements (they hang on the side of my bedside table).

You are both beautiful human beings, my angels and You both have I very special place in my heart.

I send you good energy for your upcoming projects.


Katina M. from USA has this to say: