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A sanctuary for personal transformation

A sanctuary for personal transformation

Photo Gallery

Welcome to our photo Gallery.

The main headings (ex: Africa) are albums that contain galleries with in them of specific shoots.
(Currently to get back to ‘album view’ or a previous gallery use your back space key)


These are photos from our experience to the Masai Mara, Kenya East Africa

This gallery contains images from part of our 100 mile trek-(walking safari) in the African bush that took place in Tsavo West, east Africa.

This gallery contains photos from our 100 mile trek in the African bush. This portion was in Tsavo East.



Explore this other 'world ' with us.


EL Calafate

Located in the Patagonia region of Argentina. This Glacier is part of the worlds third largest fresh water supply. Stunning!!!


Swimming with Wild Dolphins

a few photos of the amazing encounters we have experienced over the years swimming with wild dolphins


More galleries to come: Yoga, world travels

fire-walking, skydiving to name a few.