The Center for Life Expression

A sanctuary for personal transformation

A sanctuary for personal transformation

Refined by Fire- Fire Walk

Refined by Fire

Join us for this LIFE transformational event Saturday eve Nov 23rd, 2013.

The hardest part isn’t walking; it’s a matter of walking through the wall of fear that hangs around you, that inhibits you.

                                                       After all – If you can walk on fire –
                                                              What else can you achieve ?

This action packed event is perfect to create the impact needed to breakthrough whatever has been holding you back from being, doing or having whatever you really want in your personal relationship, your career and/or your life.

You will learn how to tap into your reservoirs of personal power and effectiveness when facing an ‘obstacle’ and learn how to break through it.

Not only is this process an empowering experience, it holds the space for participants to change their mental perceptions in order to overcome challenges.

               Overcome challenges that are preventing peak performance.

                Turn the power of mental focus into measurable results.

                Thrive with change by changing perception.

                Achieve goals with 100% focus.
                Attend this workshop and learn to make fear your friend.

Receive the support, encouragement and empowerment to ‘break” free.

Utilizing techniques passed down by the wise ones.
Fire-walking is only one aspect of this process.
No one has to walk- no one has do to anything.
Your choice every ‘step’ of the way.

How much do you want to change?
How much to you want to grow?

If not now,  when?
There is no someday on a calendar.
(not even a Mayan Calendar)

Call 423-282-5483 to reserve your space or e-mail us at
I‘m Stepping UP to MY LIFE !!!

Only people committed to transformation please. Therefore no refunds.
No letting your ‘small voice’ from taking you out!!
investment in self is $85

Sat Nov 23 4pm -7pm