The Center for Life Expression

A sanctuary for personal transformation

A sanctuary for personal transformation

Designing YOUR LIFE 2014

Designing YOUR LIFE 2014

Nov 22-23, 2013


We will be covering each of the 8 domains of your life in detail and work-shopping each one. You will become clear on your strengths and weaknesses in each domain. You will have tools to help bust thru your barriers and limiting beliefs which are preventing you from the life you KNOW you can live.

The domains are aspects of our lives that provide a practical and powerful framework for setting and achieving goals, as well as designing and creating balance  and fulfillment. These domains are considered to be permanent, in that they exist for each of us – although we approach and prioritize them in our own unique ways.
                   The Eight Domains we will be working with:

All your current Relationships Career/Business
are you doing what you love and loving what you do?
Where do you feel like you’re at right now?

Not how much; how well do you manage, budget and/or invest it?

Here you find your relationship to God or Spirit or Consciousness or any Greater Power, and your beliefs and practices about your place in the larger universe.

Physical, mental, emotional, Diet, exercise, rest, etc.

Or Re-Creation; whatever you do to give back to yourself


Includes your beliefs and practices around learning and developing competency in other domains. Academics, self-help; and lasting through a lifetime.

Whatever you do to give back outside of yourself
We will Only be working  with 25 people. The first 5 to register will receive a free  adjustment after the breathwork session and the newest DVD from InnerSea Yoga.
Event begins 6:30pm Fri 22nd and ends 9 ish pm Sat 23rd
Fri 6:30 till 10:30
SAT 9:am -9 ish pm

The Investment in self for creating the life you deserve,
for the entire weekend ‘Designing YOUR LIFE 2014’
event is only $347

until Nov 1st then $ 397 from Nov 2nd till Nov 20th


call to reserve your space today 423-282-5483

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