The Center for Life Expression

A sanctuary for personal transformation

A sanctuary for personal transformation


Expression of LIFE Breathwork

In this experience, you will embark in a highly focused breathing process which guides you to move past the “mind” and into the subconscious (where it all hangs out) in order to heighten your ability for personal transformation and to set YOURSELF free from old patterns which do not serve you anymore.
In Life you have options: you can do years of mind talk, therapy, consume loads of drugs, sedation, denial, or you can do something radically different: you can actually use this workshop to integrate that which you are running from.
In the “Expression of Life” Breath Work you will be given the opportunity to access that part of you, your higher-self, where in a place of unconditional love you can choose to release the things that you might have trapped yourself with……. old pains, traumas, hurts, betrayals, violations, etc…

When: Friday Nov 8th ~ 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: The Center for Life Expression (InnerSeaYoga studio)

Investment in Self:

register NOW only $65
after Oct 18th $ 70 (last day to register 10-/31/13)


call 423-282-5483 to reserve your space

To keep this intimate and powerful we will work with only 25 people committed to change.This experience will be facilitated by Lou Corleto and Lydie Ometto

Please dress comfortably in loose clothing, drink plenty of water throughout the day and we highly recommend you do not plan anything (except nurturing time) after the Breath Workshop Fri eve. This will ensure the best experience possible.

We will be starting promptly at 7:30pm. To create a safe and secure environment we will be locking the door at 7:30 pm.
Please be here by 7:10pm