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A sanctuary for personal transformation

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All in the connection!

There is a miracle on

   the work of a spider!

Lines tight and arranged;

   net flexible and efficient!


spider web branchFrom trees to trees,

   arches to sidewalks,

Along the ridges of

   the grassy yard.


Holding a purpose,

   a purpose for survival,

Within a creative design and

   an awareness in tone.


Eight limbs, many thoughts,spider web

   a mind for geometry.

Sharp reflex, presence.

   It is all in the connection!

~ Lydie Om.


How CONNECTED and PRESENT to ‘Life’ do you feel?

Think 2 ways you can bring more flexibility and efficiency to your daily life?

How much are you expressing Your Creativity?

Connect with 2 ways you can enhance your sharpness of action?

What are 3 simple ‘jewels of wisdom’ the spider reminded you about?

How can you utilize the lessons gained here in your daily life?


~ May we keep on learning and uncovering ourselves thorough the lessons of nature!





Lydie Ometto

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